A Lively, Rebellious Boston Bar & Restaurant

Rouse Your Spirits


Life, liberty & the pursuit of all things epicurean

Rebel’s Guild is one part provocative local fare, one part pioneering cocktails, and a dash of conspiracy in the air. Inspired by the rebellious freedom fighters that defined Boston during the American Revolution, Rebel’s Guild opens our Theatre District doors to those who favor the unbeaten path. Contrarians, conspirators, and the insatiably curious alike will love the surprising fare on our menu and stimulating conversation in our lively salon-style atmosphere.

Rebelsguild - silversmith's-tea
revere hotel rebels guild butcher steak
revere hotel rebels guild clam chowder
revere hotel rebels guild revere burger
revere hotel rebels guild soups
revere hotel rebels guild fried chicken wings
revere hotel rebels guild steak and vegetables
revere hotel rebels guild bourbon
“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Contrarians & Conspirators Welcome

Join the Cause


Enjoy elevated pub fare with bold ingredients in cunning combinations, all designed to rouse the taste buds and provoke the senses.

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