The Beating Heart of Boston

A playful conspiracy of elevated pub fare, handcrafted libations & lively conversation

Here’s to the contrarians. The ones who ignore the beaten path and blaze their own trail. The ones who ask the questions no one else will, who dig into the world with insatiable curiosity, and who aren’t afraid to ruffle a feather or two. Welcome home.

Pledge your loyalty to life, liberty, and the pursuit of all things epicurean with a colorful cohort of characters at the Boston Theater District’s finest restaurant and lounge. Inspired by the spirited historical figures who took their liberty as seriously as they took their libations—it was, after all, Samuel Adams who said “Let no man thirst for good beer”—Rebel’s Guild evokes the salon-style atmosphere of those historic gatherings for the modern-day diner.

The key to Rebel’s Guild’s unmistakable character is a combination of classic pub fare, intriguing handcrafted cocktails, and a rebellious spirit that’s at the core of everything we do. Join us in raising a glass to the bold, the brave, and the pioneers who make up the beating heart of Boston.


Enjoy elevated pub fare with bold ingredients in cunning combinations, all designed to rouse the taste buds and provoke the senses.

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